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Eating Chocolate cake in a bag...

*crossposted to my personal journal becuase it wasn't letting me post in here at first*

Yuka made me a chocolate cake last night and it went missing... Turns out... there is chocolate smudges all over the white bag so we know where it went. Apparently whatever is in the bag likes chocolate cake.

Dad stayed the night with George -wiggles eyebrows- but offered to attempt to get close to the bag. But... Yuka was studying the bag earlier this morning (to look at the chocoalte smudges) and the thing inside was sitting up and all it said was "I want more caku" in a tiny voice. But it fell over when Yuka reached to open the bag... this little thing likes being difficult... ~,~

Anyways... Just thought I would let everyone know.
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Uh... hi, I'm here... to open the white bag. Yup. *stands around sort of hesitantly*

in the bag


August 7 2003, 07:40:05 UTC 13 years ago

::raises eyebrow:: Who's out there?? I heard the younger ones leave earlier... anyone there??
Oh, they left?
Yes... they left shortly before you came in... grocery shopping so they could make more chocolate cake...
Oh. Well. *just stands there, not going any nearer of the bag* Um. How are you? Or... who are you?
*lurks nearby, unobtrusively*
I am very good... I am a Japanese woman sent from the year 1965.
Japanese woman... 1965...? ... *steps a little closer to the bag* Yoko?
::raises eyebrow:: Yes??
Uhhhh... hi.
Hello John... You did not meet me in '66 as you were meant to so... someone came to me in 65 and told me to come here... I apologize for the clumsy parking job I did upon your late wife... neither of us were ever really the driving sort...

Er, it's okay, I guess...
Do you have any... chocolate cake?
No... you really like that stuff, don't you?
I like many things... chocolate cake is just one of them.
Why have cake when you can have the kawaii NekoNeko brand pocky! =^-^=

♥ Kawaii yaoi shounen Ringo-chansamasankundonotokyodisca ♥